Does your head feel “full” sometimes? Like it cannot take any more information in or you will explode? Before you reach for medication, try these simple suggestions:

  1. Grounding
  1. Put your hands on your thighs. 
  2. Imagine your legs as tree trunks and the roots of your legs are seeping into the earth. 
  3. Picture all of that “congestion”—or excess energy—running through your body and into the earth. 
  4. Pull the top of your head ‘apart’ by taking your fingertips on top of your head and then spreading your fingertips to the tops of the ears. Repeat a few times. 
  5. Just notice if you feel lighter. 

Why does this work? Energy is all around us. We are made of energy. Energy needs to move. When we sit in one position for too long, our energies get stuck and starts to pool. If you sit at work and think all day, your energy may get stuck in your head…so move it out! Get the energy moving by letting the excess release out of your head. Take a few minutes each day to do this and soon you will not have that “full” feeling.

B. Polarity

1.  Put a glass—it has to be a glass, not plastic—on to the north side of a magnet. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then drink the water. See if your head feels “less”. 

Why does this work? Just like the north and south poles, our bodies have polarities attached. Sometimes it appears to clairvoyants that we are walking on our heads! Our energies are literally turned upside down. By drinking water sitting on a magnet with the north side “up” and the south side “down”…it can literally pull our energies down to the earth. 

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