Another way we can feel “full” is if we are constipated. It has happened to all of us—maybe poor circulation, medication, or we just were not eating the correct foods. There are ways to combat this. The first is the obvious—eat right and exercise. Eating a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables can give you the fiber you need to be regular. There are also energy movements you can do to help with your constipation:

  1. Rub the “meat” between in thumb and index finger. Many people know this as the “headache” spot, but why do you have a headache? Most likely because your body is full of toxins and you cannot get rid of them. Help the headache by releasing the bowels. So, rub, push, massage that spot—up against the bone of the hand (along the large intestine meridian) if you can handle the pain. Rub this for 5-30 minutes off and on. 
  2. Find the very outside portion of your nose—next to your cheek. Push in and rub deeply—so much that you will close a nostril. This is the end of your large intestine meridian. 
  3. Put your flat hands on your hip bones. Let your middle fingers rest near your pelvic bone—but not on the bone. Move your middle fingers up the flesh, with medium pressure, towards the top of your hip bone. Do this movement three times. Then, using your thumb, reverse the action one time. This opens your Ileocecal and Houston Valves in your body. I suggest to do this daily but especially when you are in the midst of grief or feel ‘off’. 
  4. Put your hands on the outside of your hip bones. Rub in a circular pattern down the IT Band to the outside of your knee. Rub as firmly as you can. There will probably be a lot of pain right in the middle spot—between your hip bone and knee. Rub vigorously there. 

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