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Thursday, February 10th- Monday, February 14th, 2022

Teresa Lake and Magdalena De La Rosa

Learn techniques to take care of yourself and your family in a fun, relaxing setting near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This class will be based on the work from Donna Eden. You will learn:

–to rev up your energies

–techniques to reduce anxiety and stress

–balance your hormones (Men have hormones too!)

–daily routine to balance energies and start your path to healing yourself

–to calm self and others

–to get yourself out of fear


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Virtual Sessions

I am now offering virtual sessions! We can connect via Zoom or facetime. Sessions run a lot like “live” sessions. We will first talk about what is happening in your life currently and then I will “work” on you! My clients report that they feel like I am in the room. This is the most amazing advancement in healing I have ever experienced.

Private Sessions

Teresa will discuss your goals and history during the intake session. Then she will unblock stuck energies through easy movement, acupressure, chakra work, and a variety of other techniques. Every person is unique and healing is an individual process. This means that each energy session is also unique. Teresa will then give you strategies and exercises to empower yourself and your own healing.

What to expect:

  • Table work may include relaxation techniques, energy/muscles testing, holding of acupressure points, meridians, and chakras with the intention of balancing energies.
  • Session work can be done lying on a table (fully dressed), sitting, or standing.
  • Home care involves energetic exercises to do on your own to promote wellness and flow
  • Confidentiality: Our work together is your information to share with others or to hold private. With the exception of specific situations (listed in the disclosure statement), I will not discuss our work or the details of your health/personal life with others.


Private sessions are currently being offered in Teresa’s home office in Chandler, AZ. The first session is 75-90 minutes long and following sessions can be either 60-75 minutes. Sessions are primarily administered on a massage table with the client fully clothed.

NeurOptimal ® 

RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN with NeurOptimal ® 

Is Your Brain Functioning Efficiently? 

A healthy brain is capable of balanced and optimal function. When the central nervous system, is off-balance, the brain operates inefficiently. 

Symptoms of inefficient brain functioning include:

  • Anxiety
  • Memory Problems
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Attention difficulties
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Hyperactivity
  • Task completion challenges 
  • Compromised Immune System 

NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback Can Help!

What is NeurOptimal ®?

NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback is essentially a brain workout. The brain is trained to be more flexible and resilient. 

NeurOptimal ® is considered by many to be one of the most highly evolved forms of neurofeedback available today. After more than 40 years in the neuroscience field and related disciplines, Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown, Zengar Institute founders, have developed a safe, and effective system that gives feedback directly to the brain allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently. 

What Happens in a Brain Training Session? 

During a NeurOptimal ® brain training session, ear clips and two tiny head sensors are positioned to record brainwaves. While sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to relaxing music, the client may watch fractal images or sit with eyes closed. 

After the 33 minutes session, clients report feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a higher mental alertness and flow. 

How does NeurOptimal ® Work? 

Much like using a mirror that prompts people to visually correct, NeurOptimal ® monitors brain waves and sends an audible signal back to the brain. This signal prompts the brain to reset and self-correct for optimal functioning. Without pushing the brain in any specific direction, the NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback system interacts with the central nervous system to improve functioning and neuroplasticity. 

A mind that is more flexible adapts and responds more appropriately to changes in the environment. This allows for the brain to work in perfect balance. 

Is NeurOptimal ® Safe? 

NeurOptimal ® Neurofeedback is 100% non-invasive, drug-free brain training that is proven safe for both children and adults. 

NeurOptimal ® has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA.

Classes: EEM 101/102

Learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment. Learn information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same.

Taught sequentially, EM101 and EM102 are each one-day classes that cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden’s award-winning book, Energy Medicine. The information you gain from these two classes will help you feel and be your best.


-EEM basics plus many topics that are important for self-care and healing.

-Introduction to meridians, one of the mainstays of EEM. Meridians are the rivers of energy that bathe and vitalize our body and its’ systems.

-Ways to work with and balance two key meridians, Triple Warmer and Spleen, are highlighted in this class, as well as additional techniques for managing stress.


-Techniques for moving energy, handling pain, and testing substances using energy testing.

-Learn how to dialogue with the body’s energies to determine energetic harmony before ingesting food and substances by using the Spleen Meridian energy test

-Three easy ways to energy test yourself.

Fundamental Techniques Class